International Workers (and Family)

It can be difficult to travel between one’s home country and place of deployment…

Often, returning home is no easier.

Are you living with stress, trauma, or burnout (or compassion fatigue)? Adjustment or transition issues? Struggling to reclaim your place because your family has gotten used to life without you? Or has it been months or years after reentry, but you are still reeling?

I am familiar with the narratives and daily realities of living in contested landscapes and while I might not know the ins and outs of your experience, I have a framework from which to work and have been trained to ask good questions.

Together, we can sift through the rubble of your inner world, harness your adaptive capacity to transition home, look for the meaning you need to move beyond traumatic experiences, and/or locate what you need to recapture your courage, imagination, and confidence in your work. We can also discuss self-care and ways to live well in the life you have chosen.

Photo: Heather Inouye (all rights reserved)