Intercultural Relationships

Intercultural relationships (personal or work- or ministry-related) can be challenging.

Many factors are at play in relational conflicts. In intercultural relationships, some issues may have to do with culture, while others may not. An impartial third party can help you to identify negative interactional patterns, explore each person’s contributions that maintain them, and assist you to better understand, appreciate, and accept differences and to adjust your pattern to create a stronger, more satisfying relationship.

Photo: Heather Inouye (all rights reserved)

I have graduate degrees in intercultural studies and in marital and family therapy and I have experience with conflicts influenced by cultural or religious differences. Also, I know how to learn new cultures and will work alongside you to take into account cultural and/or religious contributors to conflict, and work to empower you to harness aspects of your culture, values, and/or religion/spirituality to build your relationship and ensure that you do not lose valuable parts of yourself as you work to improve your relationship.