Christian Workers (and family)

Your organization might have counseling available, but, sometimes, it’s helpful to talk to someone outside the organization whom you know will keep your concerns confidential.

Photo: Heather Inouye (all rights reserved)

Being a Christian worker can be meaningful, but it can be hard. Whether you are a pastor, lay leader, mission worker, professor, or parachurch worker, you are faced with many issues–some of which, you may never have imagined would be a problem in a Christian context. If you are such a worker’s spouse or child, you might have unique issues of your own.

I work with individuals, couples, and families to address challenges and support you as you care for personal matters alongside ministry ones. Both of my graduate degrees were from a seminary. I have provided leadership in Christian contexts. Moreover, I grew up in a family dedicated to full-time, faith-supported ministry.

Whatever you’re struggling with–I won’t judge.

Photo: Heather Inouye (all rights reserved)