Psychotherapy for


Sometimes, it’s difficult to rest–to let your inward awareness catch up with your body’s present moment. Perhaps, you’ve been going nonstop for months, years. You’re exhausted, burnt out, anxious, or depressed. You’ve experienced things that no one ever should, witnessed things happen to others, or have been impacted by stories of others’ suffering. Or life doesn’t feel so terrible, but you have a few habits that you or others are worried might be unhealthy. Perhaps you just want more in life–a deeper sense of who you are and what you value. You want more peace or less fear, improved relationships, freedom from compulsive drivenness or from a lack of energy or motivation. Maybe, what you really want is to enjoy life and work again–to feel productive, connected to others, hopeful, and clearer about life’s direction.

Why psychotherapy?

Therapy provides a dedicated time to sort through your experiences with a caring person whose job is to facilitate your ability to go deeper, make meaning, grieve losses, process painful experiences, celebrate successes, connect with emotions, listen to your body, recalibrate priorities, love more fully.

How can this help?

I’m equipped to support you through personal and relational challenges related to many issues including stress, depression, anxiety, burnout (or compassion fatigue), trauma, life transitions, cultural adaptation, trust and relationship problems, and unhealthy coping strategies.

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